How to Lead Your Horse

Picture in your head any time that you’ve been out walking with a friend and have run in to someone else you know and stopped to chat. Perhaps your friend engages in the conversation with you or maybe they are checking their phone or have become distracted by the environment while waiting for you to finish your conversation.

When you do finish your conversation, you don’t just walk off, right? You might touch your friend on the shoulder to get their attention if they are on their phone, or you might turn to them and ask if they’re ready to go. Either way, you do something that gets their attention and lets them know that you’re about to move on. Why don’t we do this with our horses?

There may be a moment when you’ve signaled your friend and you’ve started to take that step in the direction you wanted to go, but your friend just has to finish their text real quick, so you end up in that sort of suspended state where you’re shifting your weight forward to walk but also paused, looking back at your friend. This is how you invite your horse to walk with you.

When you’re standing beside your horse and you decide you want to start walking, your horse isn’t going to read your mind. They might not even really be paying all that much attention to you, depending on how long you’ve been standing there and what you were doing. Unless you give them some sort of signal that you want them to come with, how will they know? You end up with a horse trailing behind you instead of walking beside you.

Instead of just walking off and leaving your horse in the dust, signal to them that you’d like them to come along too and pause in that suspended state of intending to move forward and wait for your horse to join you.