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The Essential R+ Program 

Are you ready to introduce positive reinforcement / clicker training to your equines or other livestock? Learn all the basics of clicker training, including how to safely and effectively hand feed your horse, how to use other reinforcers besides food, and how to get the behaviors that you want.

Clicker training is not just for tricks! Teach your horse to promptly come when called, willing put their head in the halter, offer their feet for the farrier and so much more! Positive reinforcement creates a clear communication, resulting in a stronger bond and improved partnership with your horse. Click on the link below to schedule your initial consultation and get started clicker training your horse!


The Essential Fearful & Feral Program 

Adopting a mustang is a pretty exciting event that often ends up in frustration when the new adopter realizes that gentling their horse may be much more difficult than imagined. The same frustration is often felt by people who have acquired equines that are fearful and unapproachable because of past trauma and abuse.

This program walks you through the process of connecting with and gentling your horse via positive reinforcement training. Book your initial consultation now and achieve that ‘first touch’ within days, instead of weeks or months!

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Build the Bond

Sending your horse away to a trainer is a popular way of getting your horse trained, but I believe that the best way to build a bond with your horse is to work with your horse yourself. With my Build the Bond option, you’ll have me right there beside you, coaching you through your horse’s training program and helping you to create the relationship with your horse that you’ve always wanted.

 Virtual Equine

Through video calls, video submissions and customized training plans, I will coach you virtually in training your horse. This option is for people who live too far for in person coaching, or who have scheduling conflicts that don’t allow for us to work together in person. Not sure if virtual coaching is right for you? Book your FREE 30 minute video call today and find out!


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Online Equine Courses

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I asked Michelle if she could help me with my hard-to-load 12 year old gelding. The goal was to help him to willingly load on a stock trailer.

Michelle showed me two techniques. One technique was positive reinforcement. The other was a pressure/release technique. It was amazing to have her observations and advice on how to use a positive reinforcer (food reward), to help my gelding move forward. She analyzes horse behavior extremely well. She also can communicate well to help you, to help your horse.

She also offered advice on pressure/release techniques, and the timing and duration of the release were something I would not have understood without her expertise and insight. I highly recommend contacting Michelle and letting her help you with your horse training needs. Your horse will thank you for it!
— Amy Dragos