Simple solutions for complex behavior problems

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Better Than Board & Train

We train your dogs for you, just like in a board & train facility, but we do it in your home, where life happens with your dog! This way, you get the benefit of personalized training for fast results without having to send your dog away for weeks at a time.

Our programs include 2 to 3 weekly training sessions, one-on-one with your dog, and a weekly session where your dog will practice their new skills with you. Access to our exclusive online community enables you to see video of your dog’s training sessions with me, ask questions about your dog’s behavior and gives you a fun, friendly place to share your progress with other dog owners like you!

The Family Dog Program

Does your dog bark like crazy when they hear the doorbell, jump all over guests, beg at the table while you’re eating or otherwise drive you crazy? I get it! Sometimes our dogs develop bad habits and before we even realize it, that seemingly innocent thing that happened once becomes a real problem! Quickly and easily get your dog under control and restore peace to your home with our Family Dog Program.  


The Walkabout Program

Walking with a dog that constantly pulls on leash or lunges and barks at every other dog or person going by can be extremely frustrating and oh so embarrassing! At best, these behaviors are annoying. At worst, they can be dangerous and you may find yourself avoiding walks with your dog. 

It doesn’t have to be this way! Learn safe and effective leash handling skills while we teach your dog to pay attention to you and walk beside you calmly. 

Is your dog reactive on leash? Barking and lunging at everyone you pass? Ask about our Leash Lunacy program!

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Virtual Canine

Need after hours appointments or don’t live locally? Virtual coaching is what you’re looking for! Through video calls and video submissions, I can coach you in training your dog. All you need is a smart phone or tablet, a clear space to train, and your dog!

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