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Better Than Board & Train

We train your puppy for you, just like in a board & train facility, but we do it in your home, where life happens with your pup! This way, you get the benefit of personalized training for fast results without having to send your puppy away for weeks at a time during that crucial bonding period.

Our programs include 2 to 3 weekly training sessions, one-on-one with your puppy, and a weekly session where your puppy will practice their new skills with you. Access to our exclusive online community enables you to see video of your pup’s training sessions with me, ask questions about your puppy’s behavior and gives you a fun, friendly place to share your progress with other new puppy owners like you!

The Essential Puppy Program 

As your puppy ricochets off another guest, makes off with another Forbidden Item, runs away again when you pull out the leash, and chews through the last leg on the sofa, you’re probably saying to yourself, “What was I thinking??” 

I can help! We’re going to teach your puppy to listen to you! Come to you the first time you call, drop stuff that you don’t want them to have, relax quietly nearby while you’re busy, and greet people without channeling their inner Tasmanian Devil.  Book your initial consultation here and let’s get started restoring order to your household!

Virtual Puppy

If scheduling is complicated or you aren’t local, virtual training is the answer! With video calls, I can coach you virtually in training your puppy. All you need is a smart phone or tablet, a clear space to train in, and of course, your puppy!


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 Online Learning


Potty Training for Puppies

Picking out your puppy was the easy part but now you’ve brought him home and the little rascal just pees and poops everywhere! Who knew that puppies could pee and poop so much?

Not to worry! We’ve made potty training your puppy simple and straightforward in this easy to follow, online potty training course. Set your puppy up for success with our proven techniques and enjoy a clean house once again!

Your potty training course comes with complete instructions on how to potty train your puppy, along with guidance from a professional trainer and exclusive access to a community of other puppy owners, working through potty training their puppies, just like you!