Simple solutions for complex behavior problems

This treat pouch is similar to my favorite pouch for training small/medium sized animals but has some extras perfect for when you’re out walking your pet.

My favorite treat pouch for training large animals like horses and camels. This pouch holds enough for a great session, but not enough to train for too long.

The perfect ball to get your cat or other small animal started with food dispensing toys and puzzles. This one is easy to figure out for beginners.

A more advanced food dispensing toy for small animals that are ready for a little more difficulty in acquiring their food. Great for cats and fennec foxes.

The classic Kong, great for keeping your dog, fox, raccoon, skunk, or any other small to medium sized animal occupied and content.

The mat I always recommend for teaching “place”. It’s cushioned but still flat enough for easy portability and training. Dogs love it!

Currently my favorite harness and what I use for my dog. It has a martingale like function that tightens over the pet’s shoulders, making it escape proof.

The best basket muzzle available for dogs. A must have for dogs that are leash reactive, aggressive, or struggle to not bite their groomer or vet.

These mats are what I use for stationing behaviors with horses, zebras and other large animals. They’re durable, can be hosed down to clean and provide a cushioned, defined surface for the animal to stand on.

Simple yet very effective, these make great target sticks for horses and other large animals. Best thing about them is that they’re retractable, so you can use them at different lengths.

A great hideaway/bed for kinkajous, lemurs or other similar sized primates, this hideaway can easily be hung inside your pets cage, providing a nice comfy place for sleeping or just hanging out.