Simple solutions for complex behavior problems

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For the puppy that doesn’t listen to you, doesn’t come when you call and generally drives you crazy, my Sane Puppy program will bring back your sanity!

Family Dogs

From basic obedience skills to serious behavior problems, get your dog out of the ‘dog house’ with my simple and effective training solutions.

Exotic Pets

Resolve problems such as biting, excessive vocalizations or destructive behaviors and achieve a friendlier, more engaging pet. Yes, you CAN train your exotics!

Equids & Others

Learn how to safely introduce and use clicker training with your equines. I specialize in helping wild and/or fearful equines through positive reinforcement.


Better Than Board & Train

I train your animals for you, just like in a board & train facility, but I do it in your home, where life happens with your pet! This way, you get the benefit of personalized training for fast results without having to send your pet away for weeks at a time. My unique programs include multiple weekly training sessions with your pet and transfer sessions where your pet will practice their new skills with you. Access to our exclusive online community enables you to see video of your pet’s training sessions with me, ask me questions, and gives you a fun & friendly place to share your progress with other pet owners like you!
— Michelle Martiya
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Recently I had my first experience with a live training session with Michelle and my horse Ru via webcam! I didn’t really know what to expect...

I was worried that going live would feel weird or I would feel pressured to do well in the moment and that would make me or Ru anxious, but Michelle is so relaxed and has such a great attitude about giving feedback that I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I just got in the moment and forgot about all my concerns. The live session was such a great chance to work on some behaviors in real time, as they are happening, so that tiny changes to how I approached cuing behavior and reinforcing could be made right then and there.

I absolutely would recommend you try it, it’s the next best thing to in person when it can be so hard to find a positive reinforcement horse trainer in some areas of the world.
— Jackie Broder
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