Simple solutions for complex behavior problems

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The Essential Exotic Pet Program 

What would life be like for you if your exotic pet was friendly and engaging? If you weren’t worrying about getting bit and your pet was quiet?! We can help you train your pet with practical solutions for:

  • entering and exiting your pet’s enclosure without them trying to run out the door

  • eliminating biting and excessive vocalizations

  • easily moving your pet from cage to travel carrier and back again

  • performing fun tricks to increase engagement with your friends & family

  • husbandry behaviors such as nail trims, ear cleaning, mouth exams, blood draws, injections, etc.

  • and much more!

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Home Alone

For pet parents who just don’t have time to train, we offer Home Alone programs where we come to your home and train your pets while you’re out. This option can be highly beneficial for pet parents who are looking for fast results but can’t commit the time to working with their pet themselves.

Pet & Parent

For parents who want to be a part of their pet’s training, we offer one-on-one coaching with our Pet & Parent programs. We come to you and coach you in training your pet with easy to follow instruction. This option is great for pet parents who want to do more structured activities with their pets.

Virtually Wild

Virtual training is a great choice for people who aren’t local, need after hours appointments, or own pets that might not be ok with a stranger around. Through video calls and video submissions, we can coach you in training your animals and resolving your pet’s behavioral problems.


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